Data Viz Archive

This is the archive of things I’ve written about data visualisation (or, Things With Graphs In). Some of it from my PhD years is about R, some of it from my industry years is about Tableau and Alteryx.

Dynamic file path outputs in Alteryx: three use cases

How to open an open Excel file in Alteryx

How to force proportional axes in Tableau

How to dynamically save a file with a different file path in Alteryx

Hacking redacted documents with statistics: the Ghislaine Maxwell deposition

Survival Analysis in Alteryx and Tableau

Alteryx Your Discover Weekly: A Practical Application of K-Nearest Neighbours Analysis II (Alteryx Community guest blog with Ben Moss)

Alteryx Your Discover Weekly: A Practical Application of K-Nearest Neighbours Analysis I (Alteryx Community guest blog with Ben Moss)

Strings and Roundabouts, pt.2: dynamic decimals

Calculating dynamic Z scores in Tableau

How to create a printable table with multiple pages in Tableau

Standard errors and confidence intervals in Tableau

Alteryx CrossTab Underscores – how to dynamically rename them with metadata

Market basket analysis in, but not limited to, Alteryx

Donut charts and dynamic reference banding

Simulating football leagues: the “magical” 40-point mark

Eurovision Song Contest: a market basket analysis of voting patterns and international relations

Dynamic Date Filtering in Alteryx

Using Tableau’s modulo function to show only full quarters

Language. Sex. Violins. Other?: how to make a Violin Plot in Tableau

We chase the waves: how to make a sinusoidal time series in Tableau

The Gaslight Analysis: when sentiment analysis doesn’t quite work

The growing gap between the Premiership’s top six and the rest

How to give your area and bar charts a makeover with connected scatterplots

Alaska Fried Chicken: the UK’s curious approach to naming chicken shops

Strings and roundabouts: how to label your numbers in Tableau effectively

Time is a Machine: how to create a clock in Tableau

Centre of Gravity, Metaphorically: Plotting time-based changes on maps

Why won’t my Tableau small multiples chart work?

Between order and (statistical) model: how the crosstab tool in Alteryx orders things alphabetically but inconsistently

Time is money, money is power, power is pizza, and pizza is knowledge.

Everything you ever wanted to know about the Mahalanobis Distance (and how to calculate it in Alteryx) [co-developed and written with Bethany Fox]

Paint your target: how to create a bullseye graph in Tableau

The relationship between away team performance and distance travelled in the English football league

The Colour Revolt: using rank calculations to get around Tableau’s colour defaults

If data is a supermarket, Tableau is a self-checkout machine

Relationship of Command Buttons: why Tableau tooltips lose functionality sometimes

Now you’re making me cross(tab)… getting around character glitches in Alteryx’s crosstab tool

I like big numbers and I cannot lie: how to make numbers pop out from KPI dashboards in Tableau

Coxcomb charts in Alteryx and Tableau: your one stop blog shop

With great data comes great responsibility

Keeping things regular: how to schedule things on Tableau Server

ASCII and ye shall receive: approximating graphs in Tableau tooltips

Using Gantt bars to fill the space between time-series lines in Tableau (or, you Gantt always get what you want)

Viridis colours in Tableau

All the small things: Tableau tips and tricks I picked up when revizzing my PhD work

Tooltips: going beyond simple information

Using dummy variables for sizing Gantt bars in Tableau

Simple filters and parameter filters in Tableau

Sets and groups and rock and roll

Getting around Tableau level of detail calculations in Alteryx

Calculating the top n % in Alteryx: different methods, different results

Alteryx for R Souls: summarize

Alteryx for R Souls: an introduction to macros

Alteryx for R Souls: a quick introduction

Quantifying three years of a long-distance relationship

Rolling form and how Arsenal lost the Premier League title

ERP graph competition!

Portugal: the worst Euro finalists ever

Visualising competition in the Premier League and La Liga

The (lack of) relation between youth playing time and later success in football

Quiz time: La Liga or Premier League?

Visualising football league tables

The gender gap in school achievement: exploring UK GCSE data

Bigger isn’t always better – the case of the first innings in cricket

Using R to stick Excel columns into individual .txt files

scatterplot / dotplot / losttheplot

Using R to calculate better cricket statistics, or how to revolutionise the way we slag off Ian Bell

Putting the graph into electroencephalography